1. Make sure that the security group of your EC2 instance allows external TCP communication at ports 443 and 8443.
  2. Use a secure connection client (SSH/Putty) to connect to your EC2 instance once it is running. (detailed instructions)
  3. Please run the command "sudo ebaws", and type "init" on the prompt. (detailed instructions)
  4. Follow any additional instructions. We request your email address to create an account at https://enigmabridge.freshdesk.com.
  5. Install an administrator authentication key - a secure replacement of passwords. (detailed instructions)

Note for Stopping EC2 instance

  • current AMIs (built December 2016) do not automatically start the enterprise platform when you Stop and Start your EC2 instance from AWS dashboard;
  • if your EJBCA doesn't seem to be running, please run "sudo /etc/init.d/jboss-eap-6.4.0 start"

The web interface is available via your new PKI domain name. It is shown at the end of initialization. e.g. https://rm1.pki.enigmabridge.com:8443/ejbca/adminweb/