Each Private Space is a completely independent private cloud. You will control it and you need to receive your first key and we also automatically create a support account for secure communication from us as well as your Private Space. 

You will receive detailed information via emails but the overall process is simple and consists of the following steps.  

1. Request a Private Space 

… you may have just done it. If not, go to https://theprivate.space and click on the "Try it free" button.

2. Verify your email address

Our support system will send to you an email that we have opened a support ticket for launching your Private Space. It will also request you to verify your email address (only if it is the first time you use our services). This is the minimum requirement we have so that we can reach out to you with news. Your email address is also used to deliver your first connection key.

3. Receive your key

As soon as your Private Space is ready, it will email to you the first connection key. As it is a completely new server, its emails may be incorrectly marked as spam. Please check your spam / Junk folder if you don't receive anything within 30 minutes from the first email (Step 2).

4. Setup your key and connection


We are almost there. The link to the first connection key will show you how to install a connection client. We include pictures and videos (for some platforms) to make it as easy as possible. Do let us know if you find this step difficult.

5. Connect to your Private Space

Make sure your connection client shows "green" or "closed padlock". It means your connected to the Private Space. You can easily verify it by typing "http://theprivate.space" to your browser. If it shows the following portal. All is good. If not, please double check that your secure connection is switched on.

6. Continue use after free trial

If you like The Private Space, you can continue using it once you give us your payment details.