While we put our best effort to provide Private Spaces with best possible reliability and security, iOS connection client "OpenVPN Connect" requires additional manual setup by users. The two most important settings that we recommend to change are:

  1. Connection timeout - it defines how long your mobile device keeps trying to connect to your Private Space when the network connection is interrupted.
  2. Seamless VPN - this option, when set ON, will keep the connection active and minimizes situations when the secure connection momentarily drops and allows some packets to be sent in clear - without encryption,


  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad. Once you see the list of settings, slide your finger down the display to open the search box.
  2. Type in OpenVPN and open the connection client configuration.
  3. Tap the "Connection timeout" to open the selection box.
  4. Select "None" so that the device never drops the secure connection
  5. Optionally - if you want to maximize security in exchange for battery usage and an additional data penalty, select "Seamless tunnel (iOS8+) ON.

You can find more information in the OpenVPN Connect frequently asked questions .