Private Space significantly increases your security online. It is not silver bullet though as there is nothing that could protect us completely.

  • Insecure WiFi networks, working on the move - you get a complete protection. When you connect to your Private Space, your connection is encrypted from your computer or mobile phone. Your internet use only shows that you connect to your Private Space. Information about the websites, or web services you visit is all hidden.

  • Web services tracking - your location is protected. If web services you use try to monitor your physical location, they will only see that you are in your Private Space.

  • Private Space hosting company - limited protection. The hosting company can monitor traffic in and out of your Private Space. When you share files between computers, you typically enable encryption for that. In this case, the data is protected from the hosting company. We can deploy Private Spaces to different hosting companies, get in touch if you want to discuss this topic.

  • Compromise of your Private Space keys - strong protection. New keys can only be created with our SmartHSM service. This service uses computers, which can't be broken into - not even physically. This level of protection is independently audited to the highest level by National Institute of Standards and Technology according to the FIPS140-2 standard and the Common Criteria organization. Any use of our SmartHSM is logged and it can be independently audited.