Enigma Bridge has developed a CloudHSM technology. It is a completely new approach to hardware security modules (HSM) designed for use in the Cloud. It provides all the properties of usually expensive HSM devices via its native web service API.

We can provide hardware security functions in a cost effective way as the design of the Enigma Bridge platform offers multi-tenancy while preserving hardware separation of customer keys and secrets.

The API also simplifies use and integration of the Enigma Bridge CloudHSM with your applications. The process of enrolment and registration can be fully automatic (as it is in our Amazon services). 

As the Enigma Bridge technology handles encryption keys with a "context" that defines the use and operational parameters, developers do not have to have any expert knowledge of cryptography. They basically just select what is the business function they need to implement. Once that is done, any use of the Enigma Bridge platform is a simple web service call with a piece of data to process.